Workshop: Utilizing Technology to Bring the Patient to the Nursing Classroom

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Workshop Time:  10:00 AM  (PDT)


Macy Bennet, MSN, RN 
Lecturer, Indiana University East School of Nursing and Health Sciences

Moderator: Rachel Lancaster 
Instructional Technologist, Academic and Instructional Innovation, Samuel Merritt University



This presentation addresses how to use Nearpod and the Apple iPad to create meaningful learning experiences for nursing students. A variety of Nearpod features will be discussed to support strategies for incorporating realistic patient care experiences to the didactic setting.


Clinical judgment has been identified by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing as a priority nursing skill to ensure the delivery of safe and effective nursing care. Undergraduate nursing students have been found to have difficulty making appropriate clinical judgments. New graduate nurses have been noted to lack the clinical judgment skills that are necessary for entry-level nursing practice. In response to this crisis in nursing practice, nurse educators must close the gap between didactic learning and clinical practice by implementing teaching and learning methods that facilitate clinical judgment. This presentation addresses innovative strategies for facilitating clinical reasoning and clinical judgment in the nursing classroom by using technology. Nearpod and the Apple iPad will be utilized to explore active learning that situates decision making within realistic patient care experiences.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Discuss strategies for using Nearpod and the Apple iPad to facilitate active learning in the nursing classroom.
  2. Identify resources for exploring the use of Nearpod in nursing education.

Workshop Tags

Specialty Apps

Required Participant Experience

Intermediate (practical application)


Demonstration, Use Case, Interactive Exercise, Discussion, Q&A

Required Devices

iPad,  Apple Pencil, Computer

Required pre-installed apps


Presenter Biography

Macy Bennett, MSN, RN is a lecturer at Indiana University East School of Nursing and Health Sciences. She teaches a variety of undergraduate nursing courses, including health assessment, fundamentals, and medical-surgical courses. Ms. Bennett is passionate about using technology and innovative teaching strategies in the nursing classroom to close the gap between theory and practice. She is currently pursuing an Ed.D. in Educational Practice and Innovation with a concentration in Learning Design and Technologies from the University of South Carolina. Her clinical nursing expertise includes emergency nursing, medical-surgical nursing, case management, and perioperative nursing.