Technology On Campus

Personal computers are available for student use at every SMU campus. Each campus offers convenient access to open computer labs where students are able to work and print documents using standard business and specialty software applications for supporting every level of the curriculum.

Students and visitors are encouraged to bring personal laptops and wifi-enabled mobile devices to campus to take advantage of the wireless network services found throughout SMU classrooms, libraries, laboratories, and group meeting areas.

About SMU Wireless Networks

smu_lawn_wifi is the preferred wireless network for current students, faculty and staff.  See instructions here for getting connected.  This wireless connection doesn't require re-entering your credentials after initial sign on.

smu_guest_wifi is a wireless network set up for guests of SMU. See instructions here for getting connected.


Computers are available at the following locations:

Oakland Campus

  • Peralta Pavilion L-Level - Computer Lab
  • Peralta Pavilion L-Level - Student Lounge
  • Health Education Center - Graziano Library
  • Health Education Center - Computer Lab

Sacramento Campus

  • Sacramento Library
  • 3rd floor - Computer Lab

San Francisco Peninsula Campus

  • Peninsula Library
  • 3rd floor - Computer Lab

1.The Samuel Merritt University computer labs may be used by current Samuel Merritt University students, faculty, staff, and Sutter Health Affiliate employees. A valid Samuel Merritt University or Sutter Health Affiliate ID card is required at all times. Access to the computer lab is contingent on your ability to present your ID card.

2. The Peralta Pavilion computer lab in Oakland may be reserved by Samuel Merritt University faculty and/or staff for technology instruction or online exams. You may be asked to move or leave the lab to accommodate reserved lab space. The schedule of reserved lab time is posted at the lab entrance. Authorized personnel may reserve the computer lab by contacting the Health Education Center Scheduler. Reservations must be made at least one week in advance.

3. Academic work takes precedence over all other uses of the lab. A user engaged in non-academic activity may be asked to give up his/her computer to allow another user to carry out legitimate academic work.

4. Equipment is first come, first serve, and cannot be reserved by students. Please do not leave your personal belongings unattended. If a station is left unattended, staff may log you out of the computer and move your belongings to allow another user to access the computer. Samuel Merritt University is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

5. Please do not move or reconfigure computers, tamper with their cables, personalize desktops, or alter another user's files. You may not install software on lab computers.

6. Do not leave files on the hard drive. Samuel Merritt University is not responsible for loss of any documents.

7. Use of the computer facilities must not hamper or interfere with the ability of other students to do academic work. Be courteous to your fellow lab patrons by turning off your smartphone, pager or cell phone ringer. Activities to be avoided include but are not limited to: Viewing of pornography, excessive computer volume, loud conversation, use of offensive language, cell phone calls, and other disruptive behavior. Disruptive behavior may result in dismissal from the lab.

8. Food and drinks are not permitted in the lab at all times. Keep your computer lab clean! Please dispose of your own trash.

Any violation of this policy may result in a loss of lab access or disciplinary action.

If you have any questions regarding this policy or report any violations, please contact the Samuel Merritt University Service Desk at 510-907-2555

Printing and Copying Quotas and Costs

SMU provides each student with a free quota valued at $50.00 per academic term.  In other words, the first $50.00 worth of combined black/white and color pages are no cost to the student.  Students who use printing and copying resources in overage of the assigned quota will be assessed charges on their student accounts, at these rates: 

Black and White Pages:  $ 0.06 per page

Color Pages:  $ 0.16 per page