WASC Accreditation

WASCThe Western Association of Schools and Colleges is the regional accreditation agency responsible for the evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of institutions offering the baccalaureate degree and above in California, Hawaii, Guam and the Pacific Basin. Samuel Merritt University has been reaccredited until Spring 2021. The core purpose of WASC accreditation is to assure the educational community and general public than an institution meets the Standards of Accreditation, and the Core Commitments to Institutional Capacity and Education Effectiveness. Student learning is at the heart of the review process.


Specialty Accreditation

Capacity and Preparatory Review All Programs, Departments and Schools within the University hold specialty accreditation. The specialty accreditation agencies are all recognized by the U.S Department of Education and the Commission on Higher Education Accreditation.

Student Achievement

Institutional assessment of student achievement. Data include: enrollment, graduation, and retention; licensure pass rates; employment within 6 months; final GPAs; institutional and program learning outcomes; and cohort retention, graduation, and attrition rates, by program, campus, race, gender, and ethnicity.”


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