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WSCUC Accreditation and Thematic Pathway for Reaffirmation

Samuel Merritt University is accredited through 2030 by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC).

Theme for Reaffirmation - Student Success

Samuel Merritt University has been selected by WSCUC as part of the inaugural cohort of institutions being re-accredited under the Thematic Pathway for Reaffirmation (TPR) process. The university selected the theme of student success as the focus of the institution’s TPR review, with particular emphasis on continuous quality improvement through ongoing assessment of student learning, developing an interprofessional practice and education (IPE) curriculum, growing the ability of faculty and staff to facilitate transformative learning opportunities for students, and aligning co-curricular learning in diverse and inclusive environments with SMU’s institutional learning outcomes.

The comprehensive review in 2020 resulted in the maximum reaffirmation of accreditation, with an interval of ten years being awarded to Samuel Merritt University. Our next comprehensive review will occur in 2030.  In the interim, we continue to reflect on and improve our assessment and quality processes via our annual assessment cycle, annual reports to WSCUC, and the interim report due in 2015 on the four recommendations made as a result of the most recent review. 

WSCUC Notification Letter, March 2021

WSCUC Historical Accreditation Records

TPR Proposal        

TPR Report

WSCUC Final Team Report – Reaffirmation Review Fall 2020

TPR Information Primer Video for the SMU Community  

Informational Webinars (TPR Core team presentations to SMU Faculty, Staff and Students)


Graduates at Paramount Theater

Student Success

"Through transformative learning experiences, successful students at Samuel Merritt University achieve the institutional learning outcomes and mastery of competencies required by their discipline and the broader health care environment. Successful graduates demonstrate a commitment to the core values of health equity and service to the community. Students develop habits of thinking (habits of the mind), skillful practice (habits of the hands), and professionalism (habits of the heart) to make a lasting impact on the well-being of people and society."

Habits of Mind, Hands, and Heart. Transformative Learning. Success Measures.
Student achievement

Student Achievement

Continuous tracking and assessment of professional readiness, service to the community, and institutional learning outcomes.

Success Measures and Evidence