A Night to Remember: SMU's Health Impact Awards

Donita Boles

The first-ever Health Impact Awards at Samuel Merritt University was held on Friday, November 3 at Scott's Seafood Grill & Bar in Oakland.  


It was a remarkable night filled with excitement and celebration, as over 300 alumni, faculty, and friends gathered to honor the deserving recipients of these prestigious awards. The atmosphere was electric, as each recipient accepted their well-deserved recognition and heartfelt stories were shared about their impactful contributions to healthcare.  


This event not only celebrated the award winners, but also united everyone in attendance to continue recognizing those who are making a positive difference in the field of healthcare. It was an inspiring night that left everyone feeling motivated and reminded of the power of collaboration and community. SMU looks forward to carrying on this important tradition.  


Read more on the Health Impact Awards here


SMU President
SMU President Dr. Ching-Hua Wang at the Award Ceremony 


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