CSPM Podiatric Surgical Residency Placement

The graduates of CSPM match in surgical residency positions through the United States.  All podiatric surgical residency complete at least 3 years of residency, prior to beginning the practice of podiatric medicine and surgery.

CSPM’s average residency placement rate, for eligible graduates, for the past 3 years, is over 95%.


Residency Placement

Eligible Graduates*


*Eligible Graduates are students who have passed APMLE Boards Part I and II successfully prior to the match.

At CSPM students share their experiences with each other.

During spring of the 3rd year of the program, many 4th year students return to help the 3rd year students get ready for clerkships.  

CSPM Residency Placement

CSPM prepares students for APMLE Boards Part II prior to their 4th year.

CSPM Learning Strategies Advocate, Lou Gilles DPM, is giving a spring Board Prep session.  

CSPM for CSPM Base Camp

Our Students

We are focused on preparing our students both academically and clinically so they will be successful during the podiatric residency pursuit process.