Submit a Canvas Video Assignment by Uploading from iOS

Follow these steps to submit a video assignment by uploading a video located on your iOS device.

A) Upload the video to the Panopto Assignment folder for the course

  1. Open a Browser on the iPad.
  2. Access your Canvas course on the iOS browser (not the Canvas iOS app).
  3. Open your Canvas course.
  4. Click the “Panopto Library” tab.
  5. Tap the "Create" button.
  6. Make sure you select assignment folder for course,
    ex:Name of course [Assignment Folder]
  7. Tap the "Upload Media" button.
  8. Tap within the dotted line region to launch browse.
  9. Tap "Photo Library" and choose the video to upload.
    1.  You’ll see the video(s) (a) uploading, (b) processing, (c) publishing.
    2. When “uploaded” is displayed, you can click the “x” (at the top right corner of window) to close. (processing and publishing will happen in the cloud). (if you do not see the “x”, just tap outside the window.
    3. You’ll see the videos processing Canvas / Panopto Library

B) Submit the video assignment

  1. Open your Canvas course.
  2. Open the assignment.
  3. Click “Submit Assignment:”
  4. Select the "Plug" icon to access the Panopto Library in the Rich Content Editor:

  5. Choose the assignments folder for your course by clicking the dropdown menu:

    The “Quick access” list displays all the assignment folders you’ve accessed recently.
    The “All folders” list displays the assignment folder for each course you’re enrolled in (past or present).
  6. Click “Choose”
  7. Click the radio button to the left of your video, then click the “Insert” button to send the video to Canvas (you may have to scroll down to see the button):
  8. Type a comment or note to your instructor in the “Comments” box, then click “Submit Assignment:”
  9. The message “Assignment successfully submitted” will pop up to confirm your submission: