Submit a Video Assignment in Canvas

You can submit Canvas video assignments in several ways.

Options for submitting a video assignment

If the Canvas assignment requires a video submission using Panopto, choose one of these options:

  1. Upload a video to the Panopto Assignment folder for your course, from your computer by following these steps: (text) (video). (for mac users, recommend using Chrome)
  2. Or, choose and submit a video previously uploaded to Panopto by following these steps: (text) (video). (for mac users, recommend using Chrome)
  3. Or, record a new video with Panopto (see Record new video - Panopto Option).

Considerations for Recording new videos

  1. Begin by planning your video and evaluate your resources. See best practices for recording videos.
  2. Choose the the video recording tool best suited for your project. Panopto may or may not be the best solution for recording your video, so the video recording tools you know is always a good start. 

Use the Panopto Recorder app for:

  1. Audio podcasts
  2. Video/audio (head shot)
  3. Computer screen capture (PowerPoint, document or web browsing on your computer). 
  4. Video/Audio + computer screen capture

To record with Panopto follow these steps:

  1. First, install Panopto (PC computer guide) (Mac computer guide) .
  2. Use the guides below to configure the Panopto Recorder for the type recording you'd like to do. 
  3. Consider the following scenarios:
    1. Record audio only - see scenario 1
    2. Record video/audio only (head shot)- see scenario 2
    3. Record audio only + capture computer screen only - see scenario 3
    4. Record video/audio + capture computer screen only - see scenario 4
  4. Record and submit video assignment

Record and Submit using Canvas Media. 

Consider the Canvas media option only when recording very short videos (1-3 minutes long). Follow the steps in these guides for uploading or recording Canvas Media..

Edit a Panopto Video (after uploading)

For videos already uploaded in Panopto, you have the option to do minor edits using the Panopto Editor web browser. You can trim the beginning, middle, and end of a video. You cannot swap  or move a segment of the video. To edit, follow the steps in these guides:

More recording and editing resources

You always have the option to use the recording and editing tools of your choice. Take a look at these curated resources: