Pilot Program

Image: The Connect to Success Core Leadership Team We started our our 1:1 iPad journey by building a solid and sustainable system of resources for the educators (faculty and staff) at SMU. We are prepared to provide not only technology support, but also guidance from an instructional and pedagogical perspective by knowledgable staff who received training at the Apple Academy, as well as faculty and staff from across the University’s departments.  They are prepared to collaborate with educators to use tablets for mobile, digital learning according to best practices.

Five student cohorts were selected for our pilot program, which began in May, 2021, based on available institutional funding resources, and priorities determined by the Deans of the College of Nursing and California School of Pediatric Medicine (CSPM).  The pilot cohorts are:

  • ABSN Oakland - Class of May 2022
  • ELMSN - Prelicensure Sacramento - Class of 2022
  • BSN Oakland - Class of May 2023
  • ABSN Sacramento - Class of September 2022
  • CSPM - Class of 2025 

The ABSN Oakland Class of May 2023 is a sixth pilot cohort recently added.

As part of the initiative, CIEL gathers data to evaluate the experience of pilot cohorts as well as the operational aspects of C2S. We are continuously making improvements and expanding the scope of iPad use by faculty and staff in the service of students.  Outcome data will be accessible as it is prepared for dissemination.

We are very excited about what we are already hearing from students and faculty and are working hard to ensure that we will transition to our plan for a university-wide implementation of C2S, where every incoming student receives an iPad, in the near future.