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Samuel Merritt University values information from students, faculty, staff, and the public that assists in assuring that policies and procedures are applied appropriately and continuing improvement of the institution takes place.

The University has a complaint process to be used by students, faculty and staff as described below.  Complaints are received, monitored, evaluated, and wherever possible within existing policy and resources, resolved. The process is managed by the Office of the President.

Definition of Complaint

A complaint is a concern or issue identified by a Samuel Merritt University student, faculty, staff member or external party with respect to the operations, services, conditions or facilities of the University. Issues concerning academic or behavioral matters involving students and faculty are governed by the dispute resolution and grievance procedures outlined in the current SMU Catalog and Student Handbook, and are not governed by the complaint process. Complaints concerning the personal lives of individuals connected to the University are not considered.

Process and Procedure

Complaints are reviewed by the Office of the President, and if determined to fall within the definition provided in the complaint policy, will be forwarded to the appropriate University office for response. The person submitting a complaint will receive a written acknowledgment that the complaint was received within three (3) business days, and whether further review and response will be forthcoming, or that it does not fall within policy. In cases where the complaint is not clear, further clarification or information will be requested.

If the complaint is considered, the complainant will receive a response from a University office or representative within thirty (30) business days, or should additional time be required, the complainant will be so notified. The response to the complainant will indicate the University's understanding of the complaint, provide an explanation or other information that would inform the complainant, and describe a resolution if feasible. The response will indicate that the complaint is closed or pending further review.

For students in Texas enrolled in online programs: If after going through The University’s procedures, a student still wants to file a complaint with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB), they should go to the THECB student complaints website. Forms and a description of the student complaint process can be found there.

BPPE Contact Information

An individual may contact the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) for review of a complaint. The bureau may be contacted at (2535 Capital Oaks Drive, Suite 400) Sacramento, CA 94633.  (916) 431-6924.

Electronic Submission

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