Inviting Guests to MS Team

Invite guess to collaborate with you in MS Teams. Your guests will have access to your Team conversations and documents. Guest members will be able to share files, participate in private chats, post messages in channels, join meetings, and collaborate on documents.

Add a Guest as a Team Member

  1. In Teams, click More options (), and then click Add member
Screenshot of MS Teams Guest
  1. Type the email address of the guest whom you want to invite. 
Screenshot of MS Teams Guest
  1. Click Edit guest information.
  2. Type the guest’s full name and click the check mark. 
    Important step for identification 
Screenshot of MS Teams Guest
  1. Click Add, and then click Close
    An email invitation is sent to the guest member. 
Screenshot of MS Teams Guest

The Guest Experience

  • In Teams, guests are clearly identified. A guest’s name includes the label (Guest), and a channel includes an icon to indicate that there are guests on the Team. 
Screenshot of MS Teams Guest

Helpful Tips:

First Access Attempt:

Guests will gain access to the Team by selecting Open Microsoft Team from their email invitation and Use the web app instead option. Guests should follow all prompts including the sign-in with one-time code sent to your email option. As a new guest to our environment, a guest may be prompted to enter an additional code and accept relevant permissions.

Future Access Attempts:

  • If no existing MS Teams account, then return to the original email invitation to access the SMU Team.
  • If there is an existing MS Teams account, then from Teams, a guest can toggle to different accounts through the Accounts & orgs option.
Screenshot of MS Teams Guest

Need additional help?

Please contact the Service Desk, 510.907.2555 (Option 1|Option 5 after hours)