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Access to tens of thousands of videos is provided to the SMU community by SMU libraries. Explore our streaming video collections where you can search full-text transcripts or browse by topic. You can search by title or browse the catalog to find all our video titles, including more than 2,000 DVD and VHS videos that are not available in streaming format.

Born in the USA 
Provides an in-depth look at low-risk childbirth in America by presenting three different types of caregivers and settings: an obstetrician working at a teaching hospital, a licensed midwife attending home births, and a certified nurse-midwife bridging both worlds in an urban, out-of-hospital birth center. By examining the culture of birth practices in America, 'Born in the U.S.A'. raises questions about technology, safety, and quality of care, and it challenges parents to be proactive about getting the kind of care they want and need.

Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter
This documentary chronicles the various stages of a mother's Alzheimer's disease and the evolution of a daughter's response to the illness. The desire to cure the incurable—to set right her mother's confusion and forgetfulness and to temper her mother's obsessiveness—gives way to an acceptance which is finally liberating for both daughter and mother.

The Raising of America: Early Childhood and the Future of Our Nation 
The first documentary series to explore how a strong start for all our kids can lead to a healthier, more prosperous, and more equitable America.

RESILIENCE is a one-hour documentary that delves into the science of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the birth of a new movement to treat and prevent Toxic Stress. Now understood to be one of the leading causes of every- thing from heart disease and cancer to substance abuse and depression, extremely stressful experiences in childhood can alter brain development and have lifelong effects on health and behavior. However, as experts and practitioners profiled in RESILIENCE are proving, what’s predictable is preventable. These physicians, educators, social workers and communities are daring to talk about the effects of divorce, abuse and neglect. And they’re using cutting edge science to help the next generation break the cycles of adversity and disease.

Sick Around the World 
Five capitalist democracies around the world—Japan, Taiwan, Switzerland, Great Britain, and Germany—all have health care systems that provide health care for everyone. They have higher life expectancies, lower infant mortality rates, and spend less money than the U.S. for health care. At any given time, at least 45 million Americans do not have health insurance. What lessons can the U.S. learn about health care from other countries?

Transgender Tuesdays 
They came for the hormones and stayed for the health care. Set in 1993 in San Francisco's Tenderloin district, these are the pioneering patients of the first free clinic in the country for trans folks. More than a film about a clinic, the filmmakers had access to the unvarnished stories of 12 courageous individuals who share their life experiences in the "Bad Old Days" decade by decade—from the closeted 1950s, through the AIDS epidemic in the 1990s—all illustrated by amazing (and fun) archival imagery. The second half of the film shows what a difference the groundbreaking Transgender Tuesdays clinic made in the lives of the country's most medically underserved, misunderstood, and despised minority.

Unnatural Causes 
A medical detective story out to solve the mystery of what's stalking and killing us before our time, especially those of us who are less affluent and darker-skinned. These are slow deaths, the result of a lifetime of grinding wear and tear, thwarted ambition, segregation, and neglect. But this is also a story of hope and possibility, of communities organizing to gain control over their destinies and their health.


AHRQ Patient Safety
Nearly 50 videos describing key elements of the Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Toolkit (CUSP), a patient safety protocol used successfully by hospital intensive care units to reduce potentially deadly health-care-acquired infections, and more than 50 videos on TeamSTEPPS(r), a patient safety protocol developed by AHRQ and the Department of Defense that lowers the risk of adverse events through better communications and teamwork skills.

Bates' Visual Guide to Physical Examination 
Bates’ Visual Guide delivers head-to-toe and systems-based physical examination techniques for the (Advanced) Assessment or Introduction to Clinical Medicine course. The site features more than eight hours of video content.

Blanchard and Loeb's Pathophysiology
This video series makes learning pathophysiology both interesting and easy by actually taking you on a journey inside the body for a better understanding of many diseases and conditions. You'll understand why diseases develop, how they progress, and what impact your interventions are having.

CDC Streaming Health
Public health videos including documentaries, news segments, and public service announcements.

Clinical Skills 
Over 900 nursing skills and procedures with detailed text, summary reviews, tests, checklists, illustrations, and video/animation demonstrations. Instructions for getting started with Clinical Skills.

On-demand streaming videos on education, global studies, health sciences, and social sciences.

New England Journal of Medicine Videos
Demonstration videos for various clinical procedures.

NIH VideoCasting and Podcasting 
National Institutes of Health events, seminars, and lectures.

OVID Multimedia Resources
Multimedia resources, including videos and images.

Proquest Video Training
Instructional videos for nurses and other health care workers on a range of topics. 

Stanford Health Video Library
Features prominent doctors presenting the latest health research.