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The California School of Podiatric Medicine (CSPM) was founded in 1914 as the California School of Chiropody. The name was later changed to the California College of Podiatric Medicine (CCPM). In July 2002 CCPM merged with Samuel Merritt University and the name was changed to CSPM.

CSPM is known for its hands-on early approach to clinical education. Clinical rotations begin at the start of the second academic year in May. During the summer months, second year students begin to participate in clinical rotations, which cover mechanical orthopedics, radiology, general and primary podiatric medicine. The majority of the third year and the entire fourth year are devoted to clinical rotations at inpatient and outpatient facilities, community practice clerkships, and outside clerkships at affiliated Bay Area medical centers and throughout the United states.

The educational program leading to the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree consists of a comprehensive curriculum in the basic medical and clinical sciences. The didactic course work is completed during the first three years of the program.

 Demonstrating academic excellence in podiatric medical education for nearly a century, CSPM offers a number of advantages to students:

  • Hands-on, early clinical experience at the beginning of the second year
  • Small entering classes of approximately 48
  • Pioneering faculty in biomechanics and sports medicine

CSPM Mission Statement

The California School of Podiatric Medicine is committed to provide excellent podiatric medical education across the spectrum of healthcare delivery, meaningful community service, and innovative research.

To achieve this mission we will treat everyone with compassion and respect, work cooperatively and inter-professionally, hold ourselves to the highest levels of ethical conduct, continuously strive to improve our performance, and manage our resources prudently.

CSPM Vision Statement

CSPM will be a national leader in podiatric medical education, patient care delivery experiences, clinical outcomes, research, and community service efforts.

CSPM Values Statement

We are committed to:

  • Advocate and maintain a culture of dignity, compassion and respect.
  • Promote diversity in scholarship, service and research.
  • Utilize a multi-disciplinary approach to education, research and health care delivery.
  • Provide podiatric care and treatment to the underserved.
  • Encourage and support scholarly activity and research.
  • Foster the principles of lifelong, self-directed learning.

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