Fire Plan

In the event of a fire alarm or a fire, everyone must follow the procedures as outlined in the "Code Red" section of the Fast Facts: Safety and Emergency Guide.

R.A.C.E. Emergency Fire Response
  • R—Rescue/Relocate endangered persons
  • A—Alarm
    • Activate fire alarm nearest to you
    • Alert hospital operator, Ext. 0
    • State "Code Red" and location of fire
  • C—Confine
    • Confine and close all doors and windows
  • E—Extinguish if small fire and safe to do so
In Event of a Fire Alarm or Fire
  • Remain calm.
  • If the alarm is not sounding, activate one of the manual pull stations located in the hallways. This will alert the Oakland Fire Department. Evacuate your suite via the nearest exit stairs. Elevators are not to be used for evacuation.
  • Avoid nonessential telephone communication.
  • If the alarm is sounding, evacuate your area via the nearest exit stairs. Elevators are not to be used for evacuation.
  • Await announcement of All Clear (authorized by Engineering or the Fire Department)
  • Evacuation Meeting Points
    • 3100 Telegraph—Peralta MOB: Evacuate to Telegraph Avenue and proceed south. SMU staff should meet on the corner of 30th and Telegraph Streets on the opposite side of the street of the 3100 Telegraph building 
    • 3100 Summit—Evacuate to the front of the parking lot across the street from the 3100 Summit Street entrance
    • 3012 Summit—Evacuate to the shuttle stop area across the street from the 3012 Street entrance
    • 400 Hawthorne—HEC: Evacuate to the corner of Hawthorne and Summit Streets on the opposite side of the street of the HEC building
    • 450 30th Street—West Pavilion: Exit the building on the 30th Street side and proceed across the street
    • 350 30th Street—South Pavilion MOB: Exit to emergency door directly outside of suite; proceed downstairs and exit to Webster Street. Cross the street and gather in front of the nursing facility directly across from the exit

Please be aware of any additional department-specific instructions. All staff need to be familiar with these procedures and knowledgeable of all exit routes in their area.