Federal Work Study: Peer Tutors and Tutor Coordinators

Pay Rate
Flexible depending on your availability

SMU is currently hiring both Peer Tutors and Tutor Coordinators for the ABSN program at the San Mateo campus! Please see below for more details about the position. As the April and June 2023 cohorts have graduated, we are definitely looking for more peer tutors from your cohorts to fill this vital and amazing role as soon as possible.

Peer Tutor role

Some facts about the position:
•    You can tutor virtually or in person (it’s up to the tutor!).
•    Peer tutors can choose what they want to tutor as long as you did well in the course.
•    Peer tutors can provide guidance in study skills, time management, etc.
•    Must be in Good Academic Standing
•    It’s absolutely flexible in terms of your time commitment. You set your own hours and you can choose not to tutor for weeks/months at a time if you get busy and need to focus on your own studies.
•    It’s a paid position at $20/hour and this includes prep time.
•    The position looks really great on an academic resume and you get to gain favor with faculty as well.
•    The best way to retain content is to help teach it!

If you are interested, please fill out this Tutor Application and you will be contacted with next steps. *Note: You do need a faculty recommendation for this position. See application for more details.

It is encouraged to complete the Federal Work-study form to determine if you are eligible. Note, this is not mandatory as you do not need to be federal work study student to tutor. Financial Aid and Scholarships | Samuel Merritt University You can locate the FWS request by visiting the SMU website, search Financial Aid, click on FWS request tab, and follow the instructions.