Center for Innovation and Excellence in Learning

We collaborate with health care professionals to help them develop as educators, scholars, and researchers.


The mission of the Center for Innovation and Excellence in Learning (CIEL) is to prepare health care professionals across all practice domains to teach masterfully using leading-edge tools and strategies to inspire students to be outstanding clinicians, collaborative members of health care teams, creative thinkers, and lifelong learners. 

We do this through collaborative partnerships and common strategic objectives designed to advance the University's mission of educating leaders who address health inequities.

Our Vision

  • Robust interprofessional collaboration
  • Respect for the value that diversity brings to us, and appreciation for the ways that inclusivity enriches our communities
  • Respect for each person’s physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual needs
  • Support that empowers us to develop our personal talents and interests while providing the necessary resources for success
  • Intentional preservation of time and space for creativity and innovation
  • Encouragement of opportunities to embrace change, confront daunting challenges, and celebrate learning experiences
  • Timely, clear, and open communications
  • Mutual commitment to earning each other’s trust.

Strategic Goals

  • Support the successful translation of clinical expertise into teaching expertise
  • Increase curriculum content about the structural determinants of health, and share teaching strategies designed to welcome all learners and combat racism
  • Integrate wellness activities into the daily routines of both students and faculty
  • Foster research collaborations
  • Explore new technologies to enhance teaching
  • Leverage interprofessional education to enhance skills for collaboration
Help With Simulation-Based Learning
  • Develop a new simulation activity for your course
  • Improve your debriefing techniques
  • Discover what is possible with immersive learning

Connect With a Simulation-BASEd LEARNING Expert

Help With Instructional Design 
  • Develop or improve your Canvas course
  • Create and manage educational media
  • Improve your teaching with technology
  • Self-guided help with teaching technology

Connect With An Instructional Designer

Help With Library Tools
  • Literature review assistance
  • Classroom instruction in research methods
  • Library special services for faculty

Consult With an SMU Librarian

Help With Research
  • Qualtrics and other survey administration tools
  • Tools for quantitative data analysis
  • Tools for qualitative data analysis
  • Database construction and management
  • Bibliographic software

Consult With a Research Methodologist

Help With Diversity and Inclusion in Curriculum and Research
  • Create a more inclusive and just campus environment to further the SMU mission of addressing health disparities
  • How to avoid bias in research

Consult With a Diversity and Inclusion Expert

Help With Interprofessional Education
  • Incorporate interprofessional education experiences in your curriculum 

Consult with an Interprofessional Education Expert

Help With Motion Analysis Research
  • Collaborate with the Motion Analysis Research Center

consult with an expert at the Motion Analysis Research Center

General Technology Help


Student reading from iPad

Connect 2 Success, a partnership with Apple

Connect 2 Success promotes digital equity among students by placing iPads in the hands of each student. Recognizing that students enter the University with variable digital literacy levels, we provide training and individualized support throughout each person’s educational journey.

Let's Connect
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Create Transformative Learning Experiences

Discover new health care teaching and assessment practices for clinical and classroom settings.

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Support Diversity & Inclusion

Enrich your teaching practice by preparing students to serve a diverse community.

Increase Inclusion
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Join Our Workshops, Trainings, Courses, and Conferences

Improve your teaching and research, learn new skills, and complete American Heart Association certification trainings.

Develop Professionally
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Build a Culture of Wellness

Add wellness to your curriculum and integrate it into your teaching and lifestyle.

Explore Wellness
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Develop Your Scholarship

Create a research project, find research collaborators, get help with study design, and apply for funding.

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