Technology Acceptable Use Guidelines

For Samuel Merritt University Information Technology & Digital Resources

Samuel Merritt University makes available to its community members computing and network resources, including shared information technology resources that use text, voice, images, and video to deliver information.  These resources are to be used in a manner consistent with University policy and all applicable laws.

Acceptable Use

a.  Institutional Use

Use of all University information technology and digital resources should be for purposes that are consistent with the non-profit educational mission and the policies and legal requirements (including license agreements and terms of service) of the University, and not for commercial purposes.

b.  Personal Use

Personal use of the University’s information technology and digital resources, except for students enrolled at the University, should be incidental and kept to a minimum.

c.  Prohibited Use

i.  Use of the University’s information technology and digital resources should not violate applicable federal, state, and local law (including copyright, information privacy, and consumer protection laws), or applicable University policies.  From any location, University resources may not be used to transmit malicious, harassing, or defamatory content.

ii.  Samuel Merritt University faculty, staff, students, and guests shall not engage in any activities which may be deemed offensive, threatening, demeaning, or otherwise inappropriate in accordance with the Samuel Merritt University Principles of Community.

Access and Privacy

The University has the legal right, to access, preserve and review all information stored on or transmitted through its electronic services, equipment and systems (collectively, “IT Systems").  The University endeavors to afford reasonable privacy for individual users, and does not access information created and/or stored by individual users on its IT Systems except when it determines that it has a legitimate operational need to do so.

Protection of University Resources

Users of University information technology and digital resources are responsible for protecting University data, including its confidentiality, integrity, access, retention and disposal, in accordance with Samuel Merritt University  Information Security Policies and other applicable University policies.  Individuals with restricted access to University data or administrative responsibility over any University resources should take reasonable measures to protect their accounts.  

Shared University technological resources should be used for educational purposes and to carry out the legitimate business of the University, and should not be used in a way that disrupts or otherwise interferes with any University activities or systems or that is inconsistent with the University’s policies or goals. 

Violations and Penalties

Violations of the policy may result in disciplinary action, including dismissal from employment, expulsion from further study and termination, or suspension of network privileges.