Business Technology Solutions

The Webex web conferencing service features an interactive interface for virtual meetings.
  • Login with your SMU email address
  • Every employee has a personal audio conference line and web meeting room
  • Share your screen
  • Collaborate on documents
  • Poll your audience
  • Call into your meeting, including international locations
  • Record and archive meetings (not available for students)
  • Available mobile app

The University issues mobile phones and mobile internet hot spots to qualified employees for business use. Services are provided by ITS through service provider T-Mobile Communications.

SMU provided mobile communications services cover unlimited monthly anytime talk and text, and allotted 4G/LTE data usage. Purchase costs for mobile communications equipment are charged to the user department's cost center. Monthly usage insurance and all other taxes and surcharges will also be charged to the department. SMU supports the use of the Microsoft Outlook Mobile App for company email integration. All mobile devices and accessories issued by SMU shall be deemed as University property. Users are responsible for the procurement of personal accessories on an out-of-pocket basis.

The University encourages the use of hands-free phone while driving, and will not be held liable for any vehicular accident caused by negligent use of a mobile device. Texting while driving is forbidden by law.

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