Media Services

The Multi Media staff proudly supports students, faculty, and staff by promoting and supporting the thoughtful use of technology for teaching and learning. Multi Media integrates the traditional notion of audio and visual services and the many, often integrated, media content types used for instruction. The Multi Media team is responsible for fulfilling the school's needs for a wide range of services, including asynchronous and synchronous eLearning, custom-created smart classrooms, hallway video signage, equipment checkout, videotaping services, video conferencing, and digital photography.

Multi Media fully supports classrooms across all SMUcampuses with technology assistance, including smart podiums, projectors, and multimedia displays.

Campus Events
Multi Media assists with multimedia displays and cross-campus communications for campus events such as town halls, Black History Month celebrations, and award ceremonies.

Live Streaming
Multi Media provides live streaming services for on-campus events and commencement ceremonies. The events will be streamed over the internet for public viewing.

Contact Us
3012 Summit St, C-Wing
Oakland, CA 94609
Phone: 510.879.3335

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm
(after hours and weekends by appointment only)