Minimum System Requirements

Samuel Merritt University uses the leading trends in technology to give faculty, staff, and students an optimal online learning experience.

Computer specifications are reviewed and revised bi-annually to accommodate changes in technology. Every attempt is made to ensure that these specifications satisfy all curricular needs for students. SMU reserves the right to require users to perform system upgrades in the event of technology changes. Online faculty, staff, and students will be given 90 days notice before such changes are implemented.

While tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices may allow for the completion of some coursework, they are not guaranteed to work in all areas. Please ensure you have a Windows or Mac computer available to complete coursework in the event your selected mobile device does not meet the needs of the course.

Important—We recommend that you have administrative rights to the computer used for college coursework. If you must use a computer for which you do not have administrative rights, such as a library computer or a workplace computer, you may experience difficulties with needed functions, such as installing plug-ins.

Operating systems

Windows 10 and higher is recommended. We offer limited support for Windows 7. 
Windows 10, 64 Bit (Required) | Windows 10, 64 Bit (Recommended)

Intel 7th Gen i5 or i7 (Required) | Intel 8th Gen i7 (Recommended)

16 GB RAM (Required) | 16 GB RAM (Recommended)

Hard Drive
250 GB or larger Solid State Drive (SSD) (Required) | 500 GB or larger Solid State Drive (SSD) (Recommended)

802.11 a/c dual-band (Required) | 802.11 a/c dual-band (Recommended)

Three-year w/accident protection (Required) | Four-year w/accident protection (Recommended)

Note: Apple MacBooks are acceptable if they meet all of the same requirements as a Windows system. Please review the Apple Support website for information on running Windows on a MAC computer.

Supported Internet Browsers
Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari      

(Internet browsers not mentioned above are not currently supported and may not meet all requirements of your coursework)

Major releases of browsers are generally supported within 60-90 days of their public release date. Due to the rapid release cycles of some supported internet browsers, the two latest releases of each browser are supported. When using older versions of a browser, users risk running into problems with the course software. Some courses may require the use of a specific browser.

A PC running a Microsoft Windows operating system or Mac OS with the operating system’s minimum requirements for processor, memory, and hard drive (See the Microsoft or Apple website for minimum requirements)
At least 10.0 GB of free hard-drive space (additional space may be needed for multimedia files)
1024 x 768 monitor with a 16-bit or greater video card (24-bit preferred)
DVD-ROM drive or CD-ROM drive
Sound card with speakers, webcam, and microphone
Wireless cards must support 802.11 a/n/ac for the 5GHz band (Samuel Merritt University wireless network)

Note: Online proctored assessments require 3 Mb/s internet connection. Satellite internet users should review the Satellite Internet Connection article for more information.

Computer and Internet Security
The ease and convenience of accessing educational materials through the Internet brings with it the need to ensure that our computers do not become targets of unwanted and often malicious attacks and intrusions by computer viruses and/or hackers. We recommend you have an up-to-date antivirus program