Password Reset

Having trouble logging in? Forgot your password? Reset your SMU account password here.

How to Initiate a Password Reset

If you’re experiencing problems logging in, you can reset your password any time without having to call the IT team by clicking the button below.

Enter your information as shown below.

There are two elements to enter at this stage – Email Address, and Captcha Code.

Screenshot of Self Service Password Reset

Completed Form Shown Above with Email Address and Captcha Characters entered. Click Next to Continue.

Get the Code using an available verification method.

This example shows a user with multiple verification methods enabled. Alternate email is selected here as the default. You can choose any of the available methods for your account to receive the 6-digit verification code.

In this case the code will be delivered to a secondary email address pre-populated by the IT Department.

Screenshot of Self Service Password Reset


A notification message is received at the secondary email address having the 6-Digit code shown below:

Screenshot of Self Service Password Reset


Present the 6-Digit Code

Enter the 6 Digit Code and click Next.

Screenshot of Self Service Password Reset


Reset Your Password

Your password should meet the following requirements:

  • 8 characters or more in length
  • Include an uppercase, lower case letter, number and/or non-letter character
  • Not be a variation of your username or email address
  • Not be any of the last 10 passwords you have set on your Samuel Merritt University account.
Screenshot of Self Service Password Reset

A successful reset displays the message below.

Screenshot of Self Service Password Reset

Next Steps

Log into the mySMU Portal

You should now be able to log back in to the mySMU portal with your new password.

Update your device, browser with your new credentials.

When you reset your password successfully you receive a notification that your password has changed. Included is the suggestion to update your devices with your new password.

This is great advice. Stale passwords on devices that use the Outlook mobile app or other apps, including browsers with stored credentials or password managing applications can become a source of account lockouts when they present outdated passwords.

Screenshot of Self Service Password Reset


More information about SSPR
Do you have questions about the Self Service Password Reset process?  Consult the FAQ.